Changing the Way Legal Gets Done

Strategic problem-solving. Unparalleled responsiveness. And proven results without costly run-around. That’s what you want in a corporate law firm. WINTER LLP has the legal expertise, business experience and unique approach that helps you attain real results, in real time.

Whether you need us to act as your outsourced General Counsel, offer supplemental support for your in-house counsel, provide assistance with corporate transactions or guidance on international expansion, our attorneys have the big-firm knowledge and small-firm flexibility that facilitate positive business outcomes—efficiently, strategically and affordably.

It’s time to discover a new breed of legal services—where your best interests come first. It’s time to discover WINTER LLP.

Our Edge

At WINTER LLP, we do things differently. Sure, we’re experienced in the intricacies of business law, litigation and all types of corporate transactions. Yet unlike traditional large law firms, we are more accessible, more affordable, easily scalable and utilize senior attorneys to help clients proactively avoid risk, protect assets and grow their business today and into the future. Learn more +

Our Services

Each of our attorneys is experienced in corporate transactions, including corporate structuring, corporate governance, mergers, acquisitions, licensing, and contract negotiating and drafting. We serve emerging and midsize companies in a wide range of industries—focusing our attention on closing deals and getting the job done, without wasting valuable time and money.
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Our Team

Global and domestic real-world business experience is just the start. Our attorneys are also experts in dispute resolution, commercial litigation, corporate counsel services, intellectual property and myriad corporate transactions. We’re passionate about the law and about quickly obtaining positive results on important legal matters—so your business can grow and succeed. Read more +